• Top 6 Trending Hair Colors for Spring 2017

      What comes to mind when you realize that Spring is right around the corner? Can you already smell the soft scent of blooming flowers or imagine rainbows in the sky? Do you think of the warm, natural colors of nature? Because Spring is the time for rebirth and revitalization, don’t you think it’s time to refresh your hair color? Spring 2017 promises to introduce some new trends and keep favorites that are perfect year-round. Here are the top 6 trending hair colors for Spring 2017. Which one are you most excited about? 1. Pastels Flowers and Easter eggs are the inspiration behind delicate pastel trend. Shades of soft pinks, blues, and violets are the perfect way to welcome Spring. People with light to pale skin would look amazing with a full head of pastel-colored hair while medium-skin tones can rock pastel tips. Inspiration: Julianne Hough    2. Hair Contouring Hair contouring is all about strategically placed highlights to brighten up the natural contours of your face. This trend is a year-round favorite but ideal for Spring especially if you want to change but not too dramatically. The highlights can be in any color or a notch lighter than your natural color. It’s completely up to you. Inspiration: Chrissy Teigen   3. Rose Gold Rose Gold was huge in 2016 – from gadgets to jewelry. It was only a matter of time before the trend was in salons. It’s ideal for natural blondes who don’t want a big change or a huge commitment. The blushing pink hues are soft and delicate and a flirtier version of natural blonde hair. Inspiration: Kylie Jenner   4. Deep Chocolate Brown Because we’re likely to see a lot of bright and softer palettes this season, you may want to go in a different direction by going dark. Deep chocolate is incredibly low maintenance for natural brunettes and ideal for those who aren’t keen on retouching their roots regularly. Inspiration: Scarlett Johansson   5. Greenery With Pantone’s Color of the Year being Greenery, it’s only natural that this will be big hair trend for 2017 and even more so this Spring. Spring is, after all, all about growth – think lush green grass, trees…life. Go bold and vibrant with a whole head of green hair in jewel green shade or fresh, zesty yellow-green highlights. Inspiration: Avril Lavigne   6. Platinum Blonde Perhaps the most high maintenance of all the trends yet undeniably striking, platinum blonde can take on different tones – silver, golden platinum, white, and champagne. It is most ideal for fair skin with cool undertones. For lustrous hair, make sure your hair is in good condition before undergoing the long process of achieving platinum blonde. Inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence   Which of these Spring 2017 trends are you most excited to try? We’d love to hear about it.

  • 2017 Hair Trends To Try This Year

    Are you ready for a change this year? Are you looking for a drastic color transformation or simply want to style your hair differently? Whether it’s mastering the braid or working with new products - here are some of the latest hair trends: Unicorn Braid Section off one strip of hair down the center of your head and French braid until you get to the crown. Make a ponytail or rather, a “unicorntail” and wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to hide it. Finally, tease the sides for some volume. Inspiration: Nina Dobrev Extreme Hair Parting The extreme hair parting on the side requires quite a bit of product to keep loose hair tamed and your part in place. Inspiration: January Jones The Lob We love lobs! It’s a cut that works for just about everyone. Your long-bob can be wispy, blown out straight, tousled, curly, and layered. So many possibilities! Inspiration: Emma Stone Grey Hair For years, grey has been covered up, and now it’s such a hot trend that comes in metallics, muted greys or grey with a hint of blue or purple. Go for a silvery, icy grey for that ethereal look or dark grey that's more rock’n’roll and mysterious. Inspiration: Pink Fishtail Braid This trend has been around awhile, and it’s not going away, with good reason. It takes some skill to get it right which is probably why it’s still so trendy. Inspiration: Sarah Hyland Sombre Surely you’ve heard of the sombre trend. The sombre is a softer, more subtle ombre that typically blends higher up to achieve a more natural look to roots that are growing out. The ends remain light with darker dimensions throughout. Inspiration: Drew Barrymore Corkscrew Curls You can’t deny how cute corkscrew curls are. It’s pretty easy to achieve if you know how to work magic with your curling iron. They’re actually cooler the messier and wilder they are. Inspiration: Iggy Azalea Rainbow Hair Rainbow hair is for the more adventurous. We’ve seen some fantastic variations of this trend – from pastel to primary colors. You can color all your hair or just the tips for a fun ponytail. Or you can keep it hidden and let the burst of colors pop through when you run your fingers through your hair or let the wind blow through it. Inspiration: Rainbow Hair by Guy Tang

  • How to Talk to Your Barber??

      How to Talk to Your Barber and Get the Perfect Haircut? Have you ever been to your barber with a vague idea of what you want and because you couldn’t quite explain the exact haircut you desired ended up with a cut you were less than satisfied with? It’s easy to blame the barber. After all, you figured that he would know best and rely on his instincts to give you the best haircut. However, perhaps the reason you didn’t get the cut you wanted was because of a lack of communication and something got lost in translation. Yes, haircuts and styles have a language all their own. While barbers and stylists don’t expect you to know it fluently, it’s best that you learn the basics if you want to best communicate the exact cut and style you want thus avoiding any future disappointments. General Style A general description is sometimes enough for the barber to go on. It would be ideal for you to bring a photo of what you want. If you have your phone with you, search for styles you like or maybe there’s a celebrity whose haircut you feel would suit you. Showing your barber this image will save you a lot of time and more importantly, frustration. However, keep in mind that not all haircuts will suit you or look the same on you as it does on your idol. Remember that head and face shape play big factors in how particular hairstyles will appear on a person. Here are some terms you should know the next time you visit barber: How Short? Specify exactly how much you want taken off. “A little” is vague and can lead to a cut much shorter than you’d hoped. “An inch” off the top or “half an inch” off the sides, lets your barber know just how far to go. Taper or Fade? Taper and fade are often used interchangeably, but essentially they mean that the hair length will gradually shorten from the top of your head to the nape of your neck. The fade, however, is a bit more distinct than a taper as it has a fading effect as the hair length transitions to the shortest. Or consider that you may want neither and keep the length the same all over. Neckline? While you may not be able to see your neckline, your choice will determine the overall look of your haircut. There are generally three choices for a neckline: • Blocked – This gives the appearance of a squared block and can give the illusion of a wider, thicker neck. • Rounded – This neckline is basically the blocked neckline minus the corners for a rounded nape. • Tapered – The tapered neckline gradually shortens as it gets closer to the bottom of your neckline. Texture? Whether you have thin, thick, or curly hair, your barber can texturize it. Here are textures to consider: • Layered – This is more common for longer hair, and you can ask your barber to give you varying lengths which create the appearance of depth and volume. • Razored – This is ideal for curly that needs to be managed and less edgy. Razored texture will help the hair lay flatter to your head and reduce the bulk of the curls. • Choppy – This look is if you want it to appear texturized and grown-in. The barber achieves this by cutting at different lengths at 45-degree angles. • Thin Out – If you have particularly thick hair and want it reduced, ask your barber to thin it out by removing some of the hair’s volume. Arches? There’s a space between your hairline and your ears. They’re called arches, and they require trimming too. They are: • High arch – This is really a preference for some men who like the look of a higher arch. • Natural arch – Most men want to keep a natural arch, and all it needs is a bit of cleaning up and defining. Sideburns? Choose one of the three most common sideburn lengths: • Top of the ear • Mid-ear • Bottom of the ear Your relationship with your barber is really like any other relationship. Miscommunication can lead to disappointment and heartbreak. So save yourself the frustration and future dissatisfaction by learning how to speak the barber basics.