2017 Hair Trends To Try This Year

Are you ready for a change this year? Are you looking for a drastic color transformation or simply want to style your hair differently? Whether it’s mastering the braid or working with new products - here are some of the latest hair trends:

Unicorn Braid

Section off one strip of hair down the center of your head and French braid until you get to the crown. Make a ponytail or rather, a “unicorntail” and wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to hide it. Finally, tease the sides for some volume.

Inspiration: Nina Dobrev

Extreme Hair Parting

The extreme hair parting on the side requires quite a bit of product to keep loose hair tamed and your part in place.

Inspiration: January Jones

The Lob

We love lobs! It’s a cut that works for just about everyone. Your long-bob can be wispy, blown out straight, tousled, curly, and layered. So many possibilities!

Inspiration: Emma Stone

Grey Hair

For years, grey has been covered up, and now it’s such a hot trend that comes in metallics, muted greys or grey with a hint of blue or purple. Go for a silvery, icy grey for that ethereal look or dark grey that's more rock’n’roll and mysterious.

Inspiration: Pink

Fishtail Braid

This trend has been around awhile, and it’s not going away, with good reason. It takes some skill to get it right which is probably why it’s still so trendy.

Inspiration: Sarah Hyland


Surely you’ve heard of the sombre trend. The sombre is a softer, more subtle ombre that typically blends higher up to achieve a more natural look to roots that are growing out. The ends remain light with darker dimensions throughout.

Inspiration: Drew Barrymore

Corkscrew Curls

You can’t deny how cute corkscrew curls are. It’s pretty easy to achieve if you know how to work magic with your curling iron. They’re actually cooler the messier and wilder they are.

Inspiration: Iggy Azalea

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair is for the more adventurous. We’ve seen some fantastic variations of this trend – from pastel to primary colors. You can color all your hair or just the tips for a fun ponytail. Or you can keep it hidden and let the burst of colors pop through when you run your fingers through your hair or let the wind blow through it.

Inspiration: Rainbow Hair by Guy Tang