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How to Talk to Your Barber??

  How to Talk to Your Barber and Get the Perfect Haircut? Have you ever been to your barber with a vague idea of what you want and because you couldn’t quite explain the exact haircut you desired ended up with a cut you were less than satisfied with? It’s easy to blame the barber.…
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2017 Hair Trends To Try This Year

Are you ready for a change this year? Are you looking for a drastic color transformation or simply want to style your hair differently? Whether it’s mastering the braid or working with new products - here are some of the latest hair trends: Unicorn Braid Section off one strip of hair down the center of…
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Top 6 Trending Hair Colors for Spring 2017

  What comes to mind when you realize that Spring is right around the corner? Can you already smell the soft scent of blooming flowers or imagine rainbows in the sky? Do you think of the warm, natural colors of nature? Because Spring is the time for rebirth and revitalization, don’t you think it’s time…
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